The Festival

The Palp

Unique creations
in the heart of the Alps

Previous artists

PALP is an innovative festival that takes place from May to September in various different locations. These range from private apartments to historical castles, from a Roman amphitheatre to public gardens, from cultural spaces to the most remote mountain pastures, from villages to the city centres across Valais. PALP Festival has been for the past 10 years the promise of unique and original creations where music, local produce, nature and performing arts are in the spotlight.

The team

Sébastien Olesen

Sébastien Olesen
Cyril Huguet
Michel May

Marie Olesen
Mélanie Roh
Marie Corminboeuf

Alexandre Locher
Sophie Bech

Marie Olesen

Mélanie Roh

Public relations & media
Michel May

Graphic design
Loïc Raboud


Sound managers
Sacha Knezevic Rudaz
Johann Vergères

Logistics and infrastructure manager
Christophe Ehrwein

MG mgmt – David Glassey

Sound engineers
Max Broccard
Hubert Papilloud

Production and promotion assistants
Marie Le Bec
Joséphine Vuigner

Logistics and infrastructure assistants
Laure Bovard
Martin Guélat
Loise Moillen
Loïc Gilliéron

Mélanie Hugon-Duc

Scenery and stage design
Blaise Coutaz

Exhibition coordinator
Mélanie Roh

Marie Olesen

Village mediator
Loïse Pignat

Bar manager
Sophie Nolan

Raclette manager
Blaise Coutaz

Raclette curator
Eddy Baillifard

Wine curator
Grégoire Dessimoz

Produce curator
Raphaël Bianco

Beauty & Room curator
Balthazar Lovay
Samuel Gross

Grand Mirific Committee
Julien Maret
Grégoire Dessimoz
Anne-Sylvie Mariéthoz
Blaise Coutaz

PALP Friends Committee
Bernard May
Mélanie Hugon-Duc
Nadia Vouillamoz