Tickets Opening June 9th 10am

Online buying

Our tickets are available for pre-hire on :

We invite you to take your ticket in advance. Tickets are cheaper in advance than on site. No tickets are on sale on site if the event is sold out (beware, the gauges are small and tickets go fast!).

Some tickets are also available at Seetickets sales points (Coop City, Manor, K Kiosk).


A limited quantity of PASS Rocklette and Electroclette are available.


Rates depend on the event. In some cases, the ticket price includes a meal. In other cases, you can choose a ticket with or without a meal.


All concerts are free for children under 14 years old.
Children’s (6-14 years) meal rates are also on sale.


Friends Fare is only available to those who have paid their annual membership fee of CHF 50.00. The fee is paid directly at the PALP ticket office. Each Friend member is entitled to one Friends ticket per performance.

Members Raiffeisen

You get 20% off all events (limited number of tickets). More info here.

Pass Welcome

If you have a Welcome Pass for Sion or Martigny, please book your ticket at
This pass gives you free access only to concerts in the town where you live, meals are not included in the offer.