Online tickets

Daily tickets are only available on our online ticketing service.

Online tickets: Accounts cannot be created beforehand. Your login is created at the time of purchase.
We invite you to purchase your tickets in advance. No tickets are sold on site.

Refund, Exchanges, and Cancellation

Tickets are neither returnable nor exchanged and are non-refundable. By purchasing a ticket, you acknowledge that the lineup may change at the last minute for reasons beyond our control.


Rates vary depending on the event. In some cases, ticket prices may include a meal. In others, you may choose a ticket with or without a meal included.


All concerts are free for children under 14. Children’s rates (6-14 years) for meals are available.

Friends of PALP

The PALP Friend rate is available to those who have paid their annual membership fee of CHF 50 or CHF 100.

Access the PALP Friend status here.

Raiffeisen Members

Raiffeisen members can enjoy 20% off all events (subject to availability). Further information is available here.

To access the MemberPlus platform, you will need a Raiffeisen Maestro/VPay or credit card and an email address to confirm your account. To access local Valais offers, go to the MemberPlus page, log in, click on the offers for local members and choose the event that you want to book.

Pass Bienvenue

If you have a Welcome Pass for Martigny, you have free access to the Arena Silent Disco event.

If you have a Welcome Pass for Sion, you have free access to the Balloon Silent Disco event.

If you have a Welcome Pass for Sierre, you have free access to the Carnötzet event.

Please make sure to reserve your ticket in advance at