Green Lung – SOLD OUT

Distingué comme l’un des jeunes groupes de métal britanniques les plus convaincants, Green Lung transporte le hard rock doomy et le protométal dans le 21e siècle avec une dose de

The Devil & The Almighty Blues – SOLD OUT

Drawing heavily from blues, rock and stoner/doom, the Oslo outfit weaves heavy, dense melodies. With a voice that sometimes fades away to leave more room for the instruments, their powerful

Orange Goblin – SOLD OUT

Two years ago, they turned the Rocklette stage upside down for their 25th anniversary. Led by the charismatic Ben Ward, the London quartet is back for our greatest pleasure! Orange

Witch – SOLD OUT

At PALP there are three sacred things: Black Sabbath, J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr and stoner rock. After a thousand and one attempts, it’s finally done: Witch brings together these


The Swedish hard rock quartet offers a combination of stoner and sludge metal with a saucy sound. With their heavy, ‘70s-influenced hard rock, Greenleaf will bewitch festivalgoers and shake the ...

Wizards of Wiznan

With their husky, haunting and cavernous voices and heavy, powerful and boisterous music, the outfit from Valais has managed to make its way in the world of stoner/doom metal. They