BEAK> is a band formed by drummer and multi-instrumentalist Geoff Barrow, bassist Billy Fuller and guitarist and keyboardist Will Young. With bass, drums, voice and long minimalist synth ...

The Devil & The Almighty Blues – SOLD OUT

Drawing heavily from blues, rock and stoner/doom, the Oslo outfit weaves heavy, dense melodies. With a voice that sometimes fades away to leave more room for the instruments, their powerful

Ty Segall & Freedom Band – SOLD OUT

An ageless multi-instrumentalist, the fiery Californian boasts a host of albums and plays a noisy and brilliant form of rock music. He’ll have you spellbound with his nuances of raspy

Fluffy Machine

Fluffy Machine features a lot of hair and a good dose of humour, all set to Californian punk rock that’ll take your breath away. The Valais-based quartet has no shortage

Wo Fat

Wo Fat is a psychedelic rock band from Dallas that draws its inspiration from 1970s bands such as Black Sabbath, ZZ Top and Jimi Hendrix. The power trio combines elements

Barrio Colette

With their big hearts, sad eyes and old-fashioned vocals, this glamorous, neon pink trio combines ‘60s influences and will make you want to fall in love…

Walliser Seema

These “sailors from Valais” will take you on a musical odyssey between the sea and the high peaks. Here, no distinction is made, High Valaisan and French come together to form

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

It all started on a derelict out-of-tune piano in an old Australian horse barn. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets offer a psychedelic-rock sound that they describe themselves as ‘an energetic mess of

Batbait – SOLD OUT

With raw, high-powered music influenced mainly by garage rock, post punk and indie rock, Batbait lures its prey onto the dancefloor. Don’t resist! Let the sound of their guitars carry


Non-stop jazz concerts! That’s what the students of the EJMA, School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, have prepared for you at the Carnötzet. You’ll marvel at the talent and creativity