Earth Tongue

“I Fuzz, You Fuzz, we Fuzzzzzzzzzzzz!” Sometimes what we feel has no precise character. We can’t put words on the indescribable, and that’s what the New Zealand duo ...


Sounds like your jam!

Das Dampfwalzenwalfisch

“It rocks up there” “Das Dampfwalzenwalfisch, is a duo from the Upper (yes, from Upper Valais) Stoner Rock, sprinkled with metal and punk, exploring daily absurdities.

Gentle Beast

“Es fuzzt auf der anderen Seite der Sarine” Fuzzy Bassgitarre und psychedelische Stoner-Klänge für ein immersives Musikerlebnis.


“Attention, for mustache rock fans, it’s going to rock hard” It’s the new buzz of the stoner scene: dwarves from Antwerp, plain and simple. Naturally. Neither more nor ...


“Exceptional Grunge” If there’s one group of musicians currently tearing up the stages and festivals in the UK, it’s Hotwax. The trio harnesses the firepower of grunge pioneers, with ...


“To float above the clouds” JJUUJJUU is THE band led by Phil Perrone, founder of the West Coast equivalent of Levitation, Desert Daze. And his band, which we are immensely

Kate Clover

“Garage rock in a garage?” Muraz, often referred to as the Los Angeles of Sierre, country of the sun, harbors a small earthquake in its depths. Some banging garage rock,

Left Lane Cruiser

“Raw hillbilly punk-blues” Left Lane Cruiser is the blues of the northern Mississippi hills, reminiscent of R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough, but with a healthy dose of gritty ...

Shah Blah

“Fuzzy Magic” Their description: Fuzzy. Betörend. Verstörend. Translate: Blurry. Captivating. Troubling. We’ll let you come and listen to what that means!