Black Mountain

“Rock that will shake the mountains” Psychedelic rock enthusiasts, hold on tight! Black Mountain, the Canadian band that merges wicked guitar riffs and cosmic synths to create an ...


“Attention, for mustache rock fans, it’s going to rock hard” It’s the new buzz of the stoner scene: dwarves from Antwerp, plain and simple. Naturally. Neither more nor ...


“To float above the clouds” JJUUJJUU is THE band led by Phil Perrone, founder of the West Coast equivalent of Levitation, Desert Daze. And his band, which we are immensely

The Gluts

“Psyche Punk adventure!” From Milan comes psychedelic post-punk, offering an enchanting sonic experience with an imminent dive into an electrifying journey.

Takeshi’s Cashew

“At the border of eccentric folk and psychedelic club culture.” Go to your record shelf and pick up that eccentric (and unforgettable!) folk record you found one day at a


“Under Loïc’s leadership, it pulses.” Praed is a blend of Arabic popular music, jazz, and electro. Synthesizer mixes, clarinet, vocals, and electro that make you seriously want ...

Siena Root

“In the roots of rock” Siena Root offers us a kaleidoscope of sensations. With their captivating sound, they bring together elements of rock, blues, and traditional folk music to ...

Elephant Stone

“Psych-pop meditation” Over the past 15 years, Elephant Stone has emerged as one of the avant-gardes in the world of psych-pop. Under the leadership of Rishi Dhir, the band has

Colour Haze

“Round trip in the cosmos” A fusion of Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd, with hints of Krautrock and long psychedelic instrumental digressions, Colour Haze needs no introduction. They ...

Yīn Yīn

“A sweet dream on the summits” Attention psychedelic disco, fat global funk, electronics, and tribal experiments enthusiasts! According to their own words, the Dutch group Yīn Yīn is a band