Joh Erba

Sound architect of Métissages on Couleur 3 since 2000, Joh Erba celebrates groove and electronic music daily, blending the new with the old, machines with instruments, with musical innovation as ...

Osmose TV

“Cosmic Harmony” Their first EP “Orgasmic Body; Space Flight” evokes the atmosphere in which Osmose TV invites us. This duo is born from the meeting of pianist and ...


“Transcendent Cinematic Music” Since their song ‘Bloodflow’ became the leitmotif of the successful film ‘Hors Normes’ by directors Éric Toledano and Olivier ...

HAAi B2B Young Marco

“Anthology B2B” If someone really set the dance floor on fire last year, it’s her! But on a Sunday. We loved it. Then she scraped the cheese. Then she mixed

Lucy Croft

“We dance in La Chaux” After setting the mood in Verbier, Lucy Croft takes it up a notch and lands in La Chaux to get you grooving!


“Tasmanian Electronic.” With the success of Transsiberian, Thylacine has never stopped exploring lands and territories in search of stories to transcribe. Like climbers on glaciers, ...


“Distinctive Voice and Magical Bugle” Justine Tornay – talented singer and trumpeter – is influenced by artists such as James Blake or Björk and skillfully blends the ...


“Anatolian Psychédelisco” This male quartet from Marseille is on the rise, with their latest music video released in November 2023. Their music stems from a friendship among these ...

DJ Lee & A.S.O.P

“West Coast Custom” Janeen, Parlay, and Lee are back to make your hips groove! Tones straight from the West Coast blend with funky beats. The collective transitions from soul to

Mon Mec

“Girly hits only” At the helm of this project, it’s not about guys but rather about a girl who’s got it up her sleeve’s and shows it to you, without