Conference Center

Conference Center


15 - 16 06 2024


10 h 00 - 17 h 00
Bruson / Bruson
Chemin du Clou

Conference Center

There will be no fewer than seven conferences and round-table discussions on tourism, mountain pasture life, safeguarding and recognising Alpine heritage, the future of the terroir and environmental issues.

Hourly Schedule


14h30 - 15h30
The impact of standards on food production in mountain farming
Environmental standards, PDO standards, organic production labels... The world of agriculture must constantly comply with new environmental and health regulations, while also adapting to climate change, which has an impact on production. What are the risks for Swiss farmers and livestock breeders? How can standards be used as levers or means of promotion? Are the objectives of the "climate strategy" realistic, and how can they be met? Speakers: Diego Bovard, Representative of Valais producers; Eddy Baillifard, Ambassador for Raclette PDO; Isabelle Gabioud, Vice-President of Bio Valais and farmer; Nicolas Luisier, Agricultural Adviser, Valais Cantonal Agricultural Service Moderator: Stéphane Benoit-Godet
15h30 - 16h30
The Alpine food heritage application to UNESCO: a transnational approach
Thanks to significant commitment from the practitioner communities in various Alpine regions, a candidacy documenting and promoting the transmission and promotion of Alpine food heritage is being developed for inscription as an element of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). The submission of the application for inscription on the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices of ICH to the UN body is hoped for in 2025. This conference aims to explain the stakes of such a request and the interests that UNESCO recognition of Alpine food heritage could have. Speakers: Yann Decorzant, Director of the Regional Center for Alpine Population Studies; Cassiano Luminati, Director of Polo Poschiavo, Alpine Competence Center for Continuing Education and Support for Sustainable Development Projects; Julien Vuilleumier, Scientific Collaborator in Intangible Cultural Heritage, Federal Office of Culture. Moderator: Stéphane Benoit-Godet.
17h - 18h
Terroir and culture, the future of tourism for mountain regions?
Whether it's the sector, digitalization, or the socio-economic situation of the visitors' countries of origin, the challenges for the future of tourism in mountain areas are manifold. What are the new ideas proposed by stakeholders in the field? How can we best adapt to demand? Where can we find new inspirations? Speakers: Alexandre Edelmann, Head of Presence Switzerland a.i., FDFA; Julien Moulin, President of Valais Wallis Promotion; Corinne Genoud, Director of Western Markets, member of the management of Switzerland Tourism; Alain Dubois, Head of the Culture Service, Canton of Valais. Moderator: Stéphane Benoit-Godet.
18h - 19h
Valposchiavo Smart Valley Bio: a model for the future of mountain agriculture?
With 96% of the agricultural land in Val Poschiavo cultivated organically, the region stands out as a pioneer in this field. Cassiano Luminati presents the Valposchiavo Smart Valley Bio strategy, the projects implemented to achieve it, the history of the 100% Valposchiavo territorial brand, and the impacts on production. He also highlights how the preservation of food heritage, organic farming, and local trade can be drivers for the sustainable development of a mountain region. Speaker: Cassiano Luminati, Director of Polo Poschiavo, Alpine Competence Center for Continuing Education and Support for Sustainable Development Projects.


11h - 12h
La Saison d'Alpage inscribed on UNESCO's List of Intangible Heritage
"An iconic tradition in Swiss mountain areas dating back to the Middle Ages, the alpine season brings together know-how, customs, and rituals around alpine economy. It has been constantly adapted to local climatic, social, and economic conditions and continues to be the practice used to produce quality food products for which Switzerland is known," emphasizes the Federal Office of Culture. Isabelle Raboud-Schülle presents the inscription of the alpine season on UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list in 2023 and the implications of this recognition for the protection of the traditions and practices that constitute it. Speaker: Isabelle Raboud-Schüle, Member of the editorial committee of the candidacy
15h - 16h
FoodHack Valais Meeting: Alpine Terroir Products of Tomorrow
FoodHack Valais meetings are aimed at entrepreneurs, professionals, and innovation enthusiasts in the food sector for a moment of discovery, exchange, and sharing of experiences around innovation and alpine terroir products with artisans, producers, and experts. Speaker: Food Hub Valais Association