PALP Village – Bruson Village


PALP Village

Creation of an Innovation Centre in a mountain region

PALP is setting up a culture and tourism laboratory. This will act as a research and creation centre that is closely connected to the development of a local, participatory economy in a mountain village.

The aim of the project is to involve artists, farmers, locals, businesses, heritage conservationists and stakeholders in the region in the development of a pioneering cultural and tourist centre in the area.

In collaboration with

In the PALP village, researchers in the social sciences, artists and designers come together to develop innovative creations. The wealth and diversity of Bruson’s heritage (architecture, archives etc.), as well as the village itself, become a terrain for them to explore.

The PALP festival is installing its offices in the heart of Bruson in order to forge close links with the inhabitants, with the aim of developing a new social, economic, tourist and cultural offering. This involves accommodating artists in residence in local homes, reviving local and ancestral products, and combining individuals’ skills in order to achieve unconventional and quality productions. A ‘soft mobility’ concept has also been designed to bring visitors to the experience by exploring exhibitions and artistic performances.


The PALP village is a global, trail-blazing, innovative project. It is a model of collaboration, which can then be exported elsewhere to attempt to provide a response to the evolution and modification of  social, economic and tourist life in mountain communities.