Beauty & Room | Exhibition

Beauty & Room | Exhibition

23.07.22 - Sion

BEAUTY & ROOM, what’s that?

A fleeting art exhibition.

Artists :

  • Gina Fischli
  • Gina Folly
  • Alexandre Ghandour
  • Emilie Gougain
  • Jean-Luc Moulène
  • Charlemagne Palestine
  • Walter Pfeiffer
  • Gina Proenza
  • Aurélie Strumans
  • Anouk Tschanz
  • Stephen Willats

and :

  • Espace Big Bang and Saxon Museum
  • SMEM (Swiss Museum & Center for Electronic Music Instruments)

The Beauty & Room exhibition unfolds in private houses and flats that become exhibition and meeting spaces where artists, performers, musicians and collectors from Valais, Switzerland and abroad share a strange diversity of obsessions with the public.

Exhibition and musical performances


Plan et programme PDF to download


Concerts and performances

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Espace Big Bang (VS)
The 672 pencil sharpeners of Edmond Burnier


Alexandre Ghandour (VS)
Le Tocsin

Charlemagne Palestine (USA)
MeshuggahhhLaandddd !!

Synthesizer collection

Stephen Willats (UK)
Buildings And Vases

Gina Fischli (CH/ZH)
A house within a house

Emilie Gougain (VS)
The Cups

Walter Pfeiffer (CH/ZH)

Aurélie Strumans (VS)
Breakfast of Misconceptions

Gina Folly (CH/BS)

Jean Luc Moulène (F)
Cards, keys and beard hair

Gina Proenza (CH/VD)

Anouk Tschanz (CH/BE)
The leaves

Plan et programme PDF to download

Programme – Saturday 23.07

Old town of Sion

11.30 am – 6 pm | free

11:30 am Opening and “Point Info” open all day
Jardin de la Préfecture, access rue de la Porte Neuve 12-14

12pm – 6pm Opening of the flats and the penitentiary
Old town of Sion, see map

12pm – 8pm Charlemagne Palestine
Le Spot, Théâtre de Valère, paying from 6pm

6pm – 12am | 15.-

6.15pm Charlemagne Palestine
Le Spot, Jesuit Church

7.30 pm Alma Negra
Le Spot, Place des Théâtres (see also Schlösser event)

21:30 Ko Shin Moon
Le Spot, Place des Théâtres (see also Schlösser event)

11pm – 2am After at Point 11